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44 - Qubad son of Parviz (7 months)
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Shirin commits suicide by the coffin of Khusrau Parviz
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Volume 44
Page 2257
Verse Start 592
Verse End 596
f. 383v
Universitaetsbibliothek Heidelberg
ms. Cod. Trueb. 6
f. 047r
Metropolitan Museum of Art
ms. 1974.290.1-42, 2003.330.1-7
f. 612r
Bodleian Library
ms. Elliott 325
f. 722v
Dar al-Kutub
ms. Ms. Ta'rikh Farisi, no. 60
f. 498v
Turk ve Islam Eserleri Muzesi
ms. Ms. 1955
f. 547v
John Rylands University Library of Manchester
ms. Ryl Pers 910
f. 456v
Bibliotheque Nationale de France
ms. Suppl. persan 490
f. 573v
The British Library
ms. Additional 5600
f. 790r
National Library of Russia
ms. Dorn 333
f. 375v
Metropolitan Museum of Art
ms. 1974.290.43
f. 490v
Bodleian Library
ms. Dep. b. 5
f. 340v
The British Library
ms. Additional 18804
f. 565v
University Library
ms. Or. 1354 (15)
f. 379v
Matenadaran Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
ms. 535
f. 296v
Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University Library
ms. Oriental mss. 21
f. 957
Gulistan Museum
ms. Ms 943
f. 545v
National Library of Russia
ms. PNS 13
f. 679
ms. 2013 October 9, lot 85