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17 - Humay (32 years)
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The laundryman rescues Darab from the water
Public Notes
The washerman takes the box with the child back to his wife, who had recently lost a son of her own. The pair decide to bring the boy up as their child; they call him "Darab" because they "had found him a home (kunaam; for daar in the prose source?) out of the flowing water (aab)". [cf Ex. 2:10: "I called his name Moses (moshe) because I drew him out (mshithihu) from the water".] Darab grows up and shows a talent for fighting, so the washerman gets a knight to teach him the arts of war.
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Mohl Bertels Khaleghi- Motlagh Mohl Warner
Volume 5 5 5
Page 1369 490 17-21
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