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Hyderabad, Telangana Government Oriental Mss Library & Res. Inst. (in index)
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Accession Number:
Hijri Date:
1045 Shawwal 13
Gregorian Date:
1636 March 20
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 33
Page Size (h x w):
510 x 320 mm
Text Size (h x w):
364 x 200 mm
Indian Nasta'liq
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
Ms Type:
Ms Status:
Second half
Completion Status:
Ready to upload to website
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Date last updated:
2020-03-07 14:45
Public Notes
The manuscript starts in the reign of Kay Khusrau and apparently in the latter stages of the Great War.
Project Notes
Plenty to follow up.

The pagination of the manuscript is at present confusing: it seems to start with numbered pages, and at some point switches to (the original) folio numbers.

CD supplied by Hamid Ghelichkhani, of the whole manuscript.

Several details, notably the dimensions of the text block, cannot be recovered from the photographs.

Dimensions noted, ChM. 7 March 2020.Fol. 102r had 32 lines on the page, and doubtless others too. Other questions not resolved in time available.

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sample page
Binding (1636)
Doublure (1636)
f. 001
Illuminated unvan (1636)
f. 004
The coronation of Luhrasp (1636)
f. 008v
Gushtasp kills a dragon in Rum (1636)
f. 015v
The start of the battle between the armies of Gushtasp and Arjasp (1636)
f. 019v
Gushtasp puts Isfandiyar in chains (1636)
f. 023v
Isfandiyar lassoes the Turanian hero Gurgsar (1636)
f. 025rA
Isfandiyar's first labour: he fights the wolves (1636)
f. 025rB
Isfandiyar's second labour: he fights the lions (1636)
f. 025v
Isfandiyar's third labour: he fights the dragon (1636)
f. 026r
Isfandiyar's fourth labour: he kills the sorceress (1636)
f. 026v
Isfandiyar's fifth labour: he kills the Simurgh (1636)
f. 027v
Isfandiyar's sixth labour: he escapes from a snow storm (1636)
f. 028r
Isfandiyar kills Gurgsar during the seventh labour (1636)
f. 029v
Isfandiyar's sisters recognize him in merchant's clothes (1636)
f. 030r
Isfandiyar kills Arjasp to rescue his sisters (1636)
f. 039v
The first combat of Rustam and Isfandiyar (1636)
f. 040r
Zavara and Faramarz kill Isfandiyar's sons Nush-Azar and Mihr-i Nush (1636)
f. 041r
Rustam retreats from his first battle with Isfandiyar (1636)
f. 041v
The Simurgh healing Rakhsh's wounds (1636)
f. 043r
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow (1636)
f. 047r
Rustam kills Shaghad before dying (1636)
f. 049r
The execution of Faramarz (1636)
f. 052r
The enthronement of Dara, son of Darab (1636)
f. 056v
Dara is killed by his own ministers (1636)
f. 062v
Iskandar kills Fur (1636)
f. 070r
Approaching Babylon Iskandar meets Gushbistar (1636)
f. 073r
Ardashir hunts with Ardavan's sons (1636)
f. 075r
The execution of Ardavan by Ardashir (1636)
f. 079r
Ardashir recognizes Shapur during a polo game (1636)
f. 087v
Shapur son of Ardashir enthroned (1636)
f. 094r
Bahram Gur hunts in the company of Azada (1636)
f. 095v
A sea monster kills Yazdagird (1636)
f. 097r
Bahram Gur, Munzir and Nu'man receive a Persian delegation at Jahrum (1636)
f. 098v
Bahram Gur enthroned (1636)
f. 100v
The captive Qulun mortally wounds Bahram Chubina (1636)
f. 108v
The musician Barbad plays for Khusrau Parviz (1636)
f. 112r
The coronation of Shiruy (Qubad) (1636)
f. 116v
Mihr Hurmuzd murders Khusrau Parviz (1636)
f. 122r
Sa'd-i Vaqqas kills Rustam (1636)
f. 127v
Bizhan kills Mahuy to avenge Yazdagird (1636)
f. 141v
Khusrau Parviz goes to Rum (1636)
f. 151r
Bahram Chubina and Khusrau Parviz fight for the third time (1636)
f. 151v
Bahram Chubina captures Nastuh (1636)
f. 157r
Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina dispute kingship rights (1636)
f. 164v
Caesar writes again to Khusrau Parviz (1636)
f. 171v
Bahram Gur kills a dragon in India (1636)
f. 180v
Anushirvan executes Mazdak and his followers (1636)
f. 189r
Buzurjmihr interprets a dream for Anushirvan about a youth in his harem (1636)
f. 201r
Anushirvan sits before the chessboard sent by the Raja of Hind (1636)