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Ms. 58 G
Princeton, University Library (Firestone) (in index)
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Accession Number:
Ms. 58 G
Hijri Date:
1085 Sha'ban 1
Gregorian Date:
1674 October 31
Bought on 1 Safar 1202/1787 in India, for 1500 rupees (f. 1r).
Folios extant in ms.:
Estimated num folios in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 25
Page Size (h x w):
345 x 227 mm
Text Size (h x w):
257 x 139 mm
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
Ms Type:
Ms Status:
Completion Status:
Do not upload without permission
Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
119 ( 118 Shahnama 1 other [ poets of ghazna ] )
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0000-00-00 00:00:00
Public Notes
The number of folios is given in the original Indian numbering as 563, and 561 by the subsequent English numbering (followed here). Both are incorrect, however, and the correct number should be 562: folios 282 and 283 of the original have both been numbered f. 281. On the other hand, ff. 142 and 203 of the original numbering are missing, having been extracted at some stage, as is clear also from the mismatching catchwords. This extraction predates the European pagination. The ms. now contains 119 paintings, so if the originally noted 120 is correct, one of the missing folios must have contained a painting.

Inscriptions on f. 1r state that the ms. was purchased for 1500 rupees, on 1 Safar 1202; clearly the ms. was at this time in India, though there is nothing to suggest that it is an Indian production - paper, calligraphy and illustrations all seem consistent with a codex produced in Safavid Iran. A second inscription states that the work contains 563 folios, 56,200 verses and 120 paintings by a certain 'Wilayat'.

Dating Ref:
Colophon Extracted from the colophon of the work.
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f. 001v
Illuminated unvan (1674)
f. 004r
Firdausi and the poets of Ghazna (1674)
f. 007v
In praise of Sultan Mahmud (1674)
f. 010v
Jamshid teaches the crafts (1674)
f. 015v
Faridun fords the Dijla on the way to fight Zahhak (1674)
f. 017r
Faridun binds Zahhak (1674)
f. 023v
The murder of Iraj (1674)
f. 027v
Manuchihr kills Tur in battle (1674)
f. 030r
Manuchihr enthroned (1674)
f. 037r
Rudaba lets down her hair for Zal to climb up (1674)
f. 045r
The mobads question Zal (1674)
f. 049r
Sam visits Zal and Rustam (1674)
f. 058v
Rustam catches Rakhsh (1674)
f. 061r
Rustam lifts Afrasiyab by the belt (1674)
f. 066r
Rustam's first labour: Rakhsh kills a lion (1674)
f. 067r
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon (1674)
f. 068r
Rustam's fourth labour: he kills the witch (1674)
f. 069v
Rustam's sixth labour: he kills Arzhang (1674)
f. 070r
Rustam enters the cave in which Kay Kavus and his men are chained (1674)
f. 071r
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div (1674)
f. 078v
Kay Kavus airborne (1674)
f. 082v
Tahmina visits Rustam's chamber (1674)
f. 089r
Suhrab and Hujir view the Persian camp (1674)
f. 092v
Suhrab overthrows Rustam in their second combat (1674)
f. 093v
Rustam mourns Suhrab (1674)
f. 095v
Tahmina learns of Suhrab's death (1674)
f. 102r
The fire ordeal of Siyavush (1674)
f. 111r
Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab (1674)
f. 121r
Guruy executes Siyavush (1674)
f. 127v
Rustam fights Afrasiyab, Human and the Turanians (1674)
f. 131r
Giv finds Kay Khusrau in Turan (1674)
f. 133r
Kay Khusrau and Farangis watch Giv defeat the Turanians (1674)
f. 134v
Giv leads Piran before Kay Khusrau and Farangis (1674)
f. 136r
Kay Khusrau crosses the Oxus with Farangis and Giv (1674)
f. 139r
Kay Khusrau's army besieges Bahman's castle (1674)
f. 148r
Jarira commits suicide over her son's body (1674)
f. 149r
Bizhan kills Palashan (1674)
f. 155v
Giv kills Tahzav in revenge for the death of Bahram (1674)
f. 158v
Tus kills Arzhang (1674)
f. 167r
Fariburz comes to Mount Hamavan (1674)
f. 169r
Rustam comes to aid the Iranians (1674)
f. 171v
Rustam kills Ashkabus and his horse (1674)
f. 173v
Rustam captures and kills Kamus (1674)
f. 175r
Rustam overturns Chingish by seizing the tail of his horse (1674)
f. 176v
Rustam and Piran parley (1674)
f. 180v
Rustam lifts Shangul from his saddle (1674)
f. 182v
Rustam pulls the Khaqan of Chin from his elephant by lasso (1674)
f. 186r
Rustam fights Kafur the Cannibal (1674)
f. 189v
Rustam overthrows Puladvand (1674)
f. 190v
Rustam returns to the court of Kay Khusrau (1674)
f. 192v
Rustam kills Akvan Div (1674)
f. 194r
The Armaniyan seek help from Kay Khusrau (1674)
f. 195v
Bizhan slaughters the wild boar (1674)
f. 197r
Bizhan is brought to Manizha's palace (1674)
f. 201r
Kay Khusrau searches for Bizhan in the magic cup (1674)
f. 203r
Kay Khusrau praises Rustam (1674)
f. 205r
Rustam disguised as a merchant before Piran (1674)
f. 217r
Bizhan kills Human (1674)
f. 219r
Gudarz wriites to Kay Khusrau for assistance (1674)
f. 225v
Giv fights Piran (1674)
f. 226r
Giv fights Lahhak and Farshidvard (1674)
f. 229r
The first combat: Fariburz kills Gulbad (1674)
f. 229v
The second combat: Giv stuns Guruy Zirih (1674)
f. 230r
Guraza binds Siyamak onto his horse and leads him away (1674)
f. 230v
The fourth combat: Furuhil kills Zangala (1674)
f. 231r
The fifth combat: Ruhham kills Barman (1674)
f. 231v
The sixth combat: Bizhan kills Ruyin (1674)
f. 232r
The seventh combat: Hujir kills Sipahram with a blow of his sword (1674)
f. 232v
The eighth combat: Zanga kills Akhvasht (1674)
f. 233r
The ninth combat: Gurgin kills Andariman (1674)
f. 233v
The tenth combat: Barta kills Kuhram (1674)
f. 234r
The eleventh combat: Gudarz kills Piran (1674)
f. 246v
Kay Khusrau kills Shida (1674)
f. 254r
Kay Khusrau gives a safe conduct to Afrasiyab's family (1674)
f. 264r
The execution of Afrasiyab (1674)
f. 269r
Kay Khusrau gives advice to the Iranians (1674)
f. 271v
Kay Khusrau gives up his throne to Luhrasp (1674)
f. 279v
Gushtasp kills a dragon in Rum (1674)
f. 282r
Luhrasp receives Zarir and Gushtasp on their return from Rum (1674)
f. 298r
Isfandiyar's first labour: he fights the wolves (1674)
f. 299r
Isfandiyar's second labour: he fights the lions (1674)
f. 300r
Isfandiyar's third labour: he fights the dragon (1674)
f. 301r
Isfandiyar's fourth labour: he kills the sorceress (1674)
f. 301v
Isfandiyar's fifth labour: he kills the Simurgh (1674)
f. 303r
Isfandiyar's sixth labour: he escapes from a snow storm (1674)
f. 306v
Isfandiyar kills Arjasp to rescue his sisters (1674)
f. 312v
Rustam kicks aside the rock pushed by Bahman (1674)
f. 315v
Rustam boasts again of his lineage (1674)
f. 324r
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow (1674)
f. 329v
Rustam kills Shaghad before dying (1674)
f. 336r
Darab receives the crown (1674)
f. 341v
Iskandar attends the dying Dara (1674)
f. 350v
Iskandar visits the Ka'ba (1674)
f. 358v
Iskandar encounters Israfil (1674)
f. 363v
Iskandar dies in Babylon (1674)
f. 384v
Shapur flees from Rum and reaches Iran (1674)
f. 387r
The King of Rum captive before Shapur (1674)
f. 392v
Bahram Gur hunts in the company of Azada (1674)
f. 397v
Bahram Gur fights two lions to win the throne (1674)
f. 403r
Bahram Gur and the miller's daughters (1674)
f. 410r
Bahram Gur hunts lions (1674)
f. 412v
Bahram Gur kills the dragon that had killed a youth (1674)
f. 420v
Bahram Gur kills a wolf in India (1674)
f. 421v
Bahram Gur kills a dragon in India (1674)
f. 437v
Anushirvan receives the delegation from Gilan (1674)
f. 440v
Anushirvan and Farfuryus fight (1674)
f. 445v
Anushirvan finds a young man in his harem (1674)
f. 450v
Anushirvan dictates an answer to the Khaqan's letter (1674)
f. 458r
Anushirvan sits before the chessboard sent by the Raja of Hind (1674)
f. 472v
Anushirvan's first majlis for Buzurjmihr (1674)
f. 473v
Anushirvan's second majlis for Buzurjmihr (1674)
f. 489v
Bahram Chubina kills the fleeing Sava Shah (1674)
f. 495r
Bahram Chubina wears the woman's clothes sent by Hurmuzd (1674)
f. 509v
Bahram Chubina enthroned (1674)
f. 519r
Bahram Chubina kills Kut the Roman (1674)
f. 528r
The captive Qulun mortally wounds Bahram Chubina (1674)
f. 532v
Khusrau Parviz praises Gurdiya (1674)
f. 534v
Mihr Hurmuzd murders Khusrau Parviz (1674)
f. 541r
The musician Barbad plays for Khusrau Parviz (1674)
f. 552v
Yazdagird III enthroned (1674)