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Mumbai (Bombay), The K.R. Cama Oriental Institute (in index)
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Sample Page
Accession Number:
Gregorian Date:
14th century (early)
Peshtonjee Dastur of Bulsar
Abu Mansuri
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 24
Page Size (h x w):
290 x 230 mm
Text Size (h x w):
248 x 178 mm
Ms Type:
Ms Status:
Various lacunae
Completion Status:
Ready to upload to website
Illustrations in ms:
45 ( 45 Shahnama )
Illustration Records in archive:
Last updated by:
Date last updated:
2016-03-21 19:34
Public Notes
Details of the manuscript and the images are provided by Dr Farhad Mehran. As is evident from the microfilm, the manuscript is in very poor condition.

Attempts to see it while in Mumbai in 2011 were unsuccessful and there appeared to be no record of the manuscript. It has therefore not been examined by members of the Project.

As is clear from the discovery of some folios belonging to this MS, now in private hands, it has evidently been at least partly dispersed; it is currently incomplete.

The images are numbered in the order in which they narrate the Shahnama text, not according to their folio numbers, which are not currently known.

Note that according to Khaleghi-Motlagh (1985), 388-89, following the earlier descriptions of Mehdi Gharavi, the MS has 309 folios and 25 lines per page. However, the dispersed pages collected by Mehdi Gharavi all have 24 lines per page (48 baits without rubrics). The number of folios altogether is not clear, neither are the dimensions of the text block, which vary quite considerably..

See also references to Gharavi, in Simorgh 3 (2535), 3-13 and speeches at the Second Festival of Tus (Tehran, 1356/2535), pp. 45-56.

The two sides of the first folio, with the end of the king list of the Preface and the start of the poem, are reproduced in Zhila Nasiri, Mu'arrifi-yi nuskha-ha-yi Shahnama, pp. 14-15, as is a text page, p. 18.

Project Notes
Need to insert the four 'good' pages (surviving pages) from the Private Collection.

The 14th-century date does not appear in the gallery view.

Still to confirm some breaklines (esp. breakline after) also for the placement of the rubrics.

General Ref:
Sotheby's Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures. (29 April 1998) Sotheby's.
General Ref:
Khaleghi Motlagh, Dj. mu'arrifi va arzyâbî-yi barkhî az dastnivîshâ-yi Shâhnâma. (in Iran Nama) 3 pp. 378-406
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sample page
f. 01
In praise of Sultan Mahmud
f. 02
Faridun enthroned
f. 03
The murder of Iraj
f. 04
The Simurgh bids farewell to Sam's son
f. 05
Zal solves the riddles
f. 06
The birth of Rustam
f. 07
Rustam catches Rakhsh
f. 08
Rustam lifts Afrasiyab by the belt
f. 09
A minstrel div tempts Kay Kavus to invade Mazandaran
f. 10
Rustam's first labour: Rakhsh kills a lion
f. 11
Rustam's third labour: he kills a dragon
f. 12
Rustam's fourth labour: he kills the witch
f. 13
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div
f. 14
The King of Mazandaran changes himself into a rock
f. 15
Kay Kavus airborne
f. 15bis
Siyavush plays polo before Afrasiyab
f. 16
Siyavush fights Guruy Zirih
f. 17
Guruy executes Siyavush
f. 18
Human attacks Rustam to allow Afrasiyab to escape
f. 19
Kay Khusrau praised by the elders
f. 20
Farud retreats to his fortress and is mortally wounded by Ruhham
f. 21
Rustam overturns Chingish by seizing the tail of his horse
f. 22
Kay Khusrau crosses Lake Zara
f. 23
The first combat of Rustam and Isfandiyar
f. 24
Rustam and Rakhsh wounded by the arrows of Isfandiyar
f. 25
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow
f. 26
Rustam kills Shaghad before dying
f. 27
Iskandar with Dara
f. 28
Iskandar executes Dara's murderers
f. 29
Iskandar kills Fur
f. 30
Iskandar signs a treaty with Queen Qaydafa and returns
f. 31
Iskandar encounters Israfil
f. 32
Iskandar builds a wall against Gog and Magog
f. 33
Ardashir fights the Kurds
f. 34
Bahram Gur's mount tramples Azada
f. 35
A drunken shoemaker rides on Bahram Gur's escaped lion
f. 36
Bahram Gur helps the landlord's cow to produce milk again
f. 37
Bahram Gur captures the Khaqan of Chin
f. 38
Bahram Gur wrestles before Shangul
f. 39
Bahram Gur kills a dragon in India
f. 40
Nushzad killed in battle with Ram Barzin
f. 41
Anushirvan receives the Khaqan's daughter
f. 42
The creation of the game chess on behalf of the mother of Talhand
f. 43
Bahram Chubina defeats the army of Sava Shah
f. 44
Bahram Chubina wears the woman's clothes sent by Hurmuzd
f. 45
Bahram Chubina enthroned