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Ms. Ta'rikh Farisi, no. 18
Cairo, Dar al-Kutub (in index)
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Accession Number:
Ms. Ta'rikh Farisi, no. 18
Gregorian Date:
19th century (or previous)
Seals erased on f. 3r; two seals on f. 495v.
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 31
Page Size (h x w):
540 x 288 mm
Text Size (h x w):
400 x 182 mm
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
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Ms Status:
Completion Status:
Search not completed
Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
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2008-04-12 23:00:51
Public Notes
This is a large ms., recently rebound in plain black leather, with bright white, poorly trimmed paper doublures. The text has been laminated.


The ms. has two ruled but blank folios before the text starts, and three more at the end.


There is no Preface. The poem starts on f. 3v, incipit normative.


The margins consist of an outer frame of two thin black lines, with gold; text block framed in thin blue, space, thin red, space, two thin black, thick gold, olive green (corroded), two thin black. The columns are ruled two thin black with gold, with the intervening space blank. Rubrics also two thin black with gold, titles in crimson, sometimes in tomato red, generally only taking up one line of text.


The paper is very thin, crackly and polished, with regular lay-lines, of a grey-brown hue. The margins were barely trimmed, revealing still the rubrics to be written by the calligrapher. The catchwords are in place throughout.


The manuscript is in four parts, with illuminated 'unvans at the start of daftar 2 (f. 160v), 3 (f. 289v) and 4 (f. 400v). There are no details of dates at the end of each of the dafters (ff. 159v, 288v, 399v).


The text includes the Barzunama, ff. 214v-240r, following the story of Bizhan and Manizha.

Dating Ref:
Stchoukine, I. Les manuscrits illustrés musulmans de la Bibliothèque du Caire. (in Gazette des Beaux-Arts) 13 pp. 138-58
Illustration Ref:
al-Tarazi, N.M. al-Fihris al-wasfi li'l-makhtutat al-farisiyah al-muzayyanah b'il-suwar wa'l-mahfuzah bi dar al-kutub. The National Library of Egypt. Cairo. Egypt.