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Islamic MSS, Third Series no. 310
Princeton, University Library (Firestone) (in index)
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Accession Number:
Islamic MSS, Third Series no. 310
Title of Work:
Shahnama (Peck)
Hijri Date:
Gregorian Date:
1590 (to nearest hijri year)
Daughter of Khan Ahmad Khan; bought by Khayrat Khan in Isfahan in Rajab 1040/Feb. 1630 for 55 tumans; Clara Sargent Peck.
Qavam b. Muhammad Shirazi
Folios extant in ms.:
Columns x Rows:
4 x 29
Page Size (h x w):
468 x 320 mm
Text Size (h x w):
297 x 165 mm
Colophon Folio:
Sample Page Folio:
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Completion Status:
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Illuminations in ms:
Illustrations in ms:
51 ( 2 frontispiece(s) 2 finispiece(s) 47 Shahnama )
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Public Notes
Note the many unusual choice of subjects, also the often very idiosyncratic placement of the rubrics in the text (together with their illustration).
Dating Ref:
Colophon Extracted from the colophon of the work.
Origin Ref:
Marlow, L. A Persian Book of Kings: the Peck Shahnameh. (in The Princeton University Library Chronicle) 46 (1985, 2) pp. 192-214 Princeton. USA.
Illustration Ref:
Marlow, L. A Persian Book of Kings: the Peck Shahnameh. (in The Princeton University Library Chronicle) 46 (1985, 2) pp. 192-214 Princeton. USA.
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f. 001v
Frontispiece (verso side) (1590)
f. 002r
Frontispiece (recto side) (1590)
f. 022r
Faridun celebrates his victory over Zahhak (1590)
f. 038r
Zal by Rudaba's castle (1589)
f. 054r
Rustam catches Rakhsh (1589)
f. 062v
Rustam's seventh labour: he kills the White Div (1590)
f. 077v
Rustam mortally wounds Suhrab (1589)
f. 095r
Piran visits Siyavushgird (1589)
f. 110v
Afrasiyab meets Piran returning from his defeat (1590)
f. 127v
Piran tries to persuade Bahram to give himself up (1589)
f. 132v
Ruhham overcomes Bazur the Turanian wizard (1589)
f. 142v
Rustam captures and kills Kamus (1589)
f. 149v
The defeat of the Turanian army (1589)
f. 154v
Puladvand lifts Giv and Tus from their saddles (1589)
f. 167r
Rustam disguised as a merchant before Piran (1590)
f. 175r
Human challenges Ruhham (1589)
f. 179r
Nastihan makes a night attack and is killed by Bizhan (1589)
f. 185r
Giv fights Piran (1589)
f. 193v
Kay Khusrau kills Guruy (1589)
f. 202r
Kay Khusrau kills Aila (1590)
f. 212v
Kay Khusrau crosses Lake Zara (1589)
f. 222v
The coronation of Luhrasp (1589)
f. 223r
Luhrasp enthroned (1590)
f. 229r
Gushtasp plays polo before Caesar (1589)
f. 238v
Isfandiyar goes to war against Arjasp (1589)
f. 246r
Isfandiyar lassoes the Turanian hero Gurgsar (1589)
f. 252r
Isfandiyar's sisters recognize him in merchant's clothes (1589)
f. 263r
Rustam addresses Isfandiyar's tent (1589)
f. 268r
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow (1589)
f. 273r
Rustam kills Shaghad before dying (1589)
f. 278v
Darab receives the crown (1589)
f. 291r
Iskandar visits the Ka'ba (1589)
f. 296v
Iskandar kills a dragon (1589)
f. 305r
Ardashir comes to the court of Ardavan (1589)
f. 312r
Ardashir recognizes Shapur during a polo game (1589)
f. 321v
Ta'ir beheaded before Shapur (1589)
f. 329v
Bahram Gur hunts in the company of Azada (1589)
f. 336v
Bahram Gur hunts lions (1589)
f. 344v
Bahram Gur hunts lions (1589)
f. 352v
Bahram Gur wrestles before Shangul (1589)
f. 361r
Qubad returns to Iran (1589)
f. 368v
Anushirvan receives the delegation from Gilan (1589)
f. 392r
Talhand dies on the back of his elephant during the battle (1589)
f. 400v
Anushirvan besieges the Rumis in Aleppo (1589)
f. 411v
Bahram Chubina kills the fleeing Sava Shah (1589)
f. 416v
Bahram Chubina at the castle of the Fortune Teller (1589)
f. 422v
Khusrau Parviz and Bahram Chubina meet (1589)
f. 437r
Bahram Chubina kills Kut the Roman (1589)
f. 452v
Khusrau Parviz and Shirin in his palace (1589)
f. 474v
Finispiece (verso side) (1590)
f. 475r
Finispiece (recto side) (1590)