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Great Mongol
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Accession Number:
Great Mongol
Title of Work:
Shahnama (Great Mongol)
Gregorian Date:
1335 (circa)
Ghiyath al-Din b. Rashid al-Din
Columns x Rows:
6 x
Ms Type:
Detached manuscript folios
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Completion Status:
Tidy up references
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2010-07-02 12:24
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The Iranians place the Arab king Zahhak on the throne (1335)
f. 007v
Faridun brings Zahhak to Mount Damavand (1335)
f. 010r
Faridun tests his sons (1335)
f. 011v
The murder of Iraj (1335)
f. 012r
The head of Iraj is brought to Faridun (1335)
f. 012v
The head of Iraj is brought to Faridun (1335)
f. 019r
Sindukht learns of Zal and Rudaba (1335)
f. 022r
Manuchihr and Zal (1335)
f. 022v
The mobads question Zal (1335)
f. 026r
Zav, son of Tahmasp, enthroned (1335)
f. 143r
Isfandiyar demands the kingdom from his father Gushtasp (1335)
f. 149v
Zavara and Faramarz kill Isfandiyar's sons Nush-Azar and Mihr-i Nush (1335)
f. 152r
Rustam shoots Isfandiyar in the eyes with a double-pointed arrow (1335)
f. 156r
Faramarz leads his army against the Shah of Kabul (1330)
f. 158v
Rashnavad finds Darab asleep by a ruined castle (1335)
f. 159r
Darab goes to Rum and fights with Faylakus (1335)
f. 165r
Kayd, the King of Hind, tells his dreams to his vizier, Mihran (1335)
f. 167v
Battle between the armies of Iskandar and the Fur (1335)
f. 168r
Iskandar kills Fur (1335)
f. 171r
Iskandar in the land of the Brahmins (1335)
f. 172r
Iskandar in Abyssinia (1335)
f. 172v
Iskandar kills a dragon (1335)
f. 174r
Iskandar and the talking birds (1330)
f. 174v
Iskandar and his troops take stones from the Black Mountain and emerge from the land of darkness (1335)
f. 175r
Iskandar builds a wall against Gog and Magog (1335)
f. 175v
Iskandar and the talking tree (1335)
f. 178r
Iskandar mourned (1335)
f. 181v
Ardavan led captive before Ardashir (1335)
f. 184r
Ardavan's daughter tries to poison her husband Ardashir (1335)
f. 184v
Ardashir's minister stands before him (1335)
f. 190v
Narsi enthroned (1335)
f. 197v
Bahram Gur's mount tramples Azada (1335)
f. 204v
Bahram Gur finds Jamshid's treasures (1335)
f. 210r
Bahram Gur helps the landlord's cow to produce milk again (1335)
f. 214v
Bahram Gur kills a wolf in India (1335)
f. 230v
Anushirvan's seventh majlis for Buzurjmihr (1335)
f. 233v
Anushirvan dictates an answer to the Khaqan's letter (1335)