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Dr Pervin Bezirci, Head of Library and Document Department
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Public Notes
The Library was closed for a long time following the earthquake in Istanbul in October 1999, and relocated, meanwhile becoming inaccessible.

The University Library holds three illustrated manuscripts of the Shahnama, previously housed in the Yildiz Palace. The Catalogue of Sobhani and Aqsu lists the illustrated folios, but without details, pp. 610-12; there are also catalogues by Ahmed Ates (1968), see pp. 4-6, and Fehmi Edhem & Ivan Stchoukine (1933) . A recent exhibition in the Bayezit II hammam, entitled From the Yildiz Palace to the Istanbul University, ed. Lale Uluc (Istanbul, 2015), presented a large selection of items from the Library, including all three Shahnama MSS (pp. 119-121), as well as three Turkish prose translations, together with a brief introduction to the collection.

A handlist of folios with images in the Big Head Shahnama was made and kindly supplied by David Roxburgh (Harvard); this has now been updated and partly completed; almost all break lines are still to be recorded.

After failing to gain access in February 2009 despite the assistance of Prof. Ali Guzelyuz, the Library was visited successfully in September 2015 by CM and FA, for a brief preliminary investigation. FY 1405 and FY 1406 have been completely digitized and are available for consultation online in the Library reading room. FY 1407 is damaged and currently (September 2015) not digitized. It is possible to order images but they are expensive, 75 TL per image.

Project Notes
Complete all contact details.

Several images ordered, Sept. 2015 and received.

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