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Khatibur Rahman
Janpath, New Delhi
New Delhi
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2020-02-20 13:37
Public Notes
For a preliminary account of some of the mss in the National Museum, see Manuscripts from Indian Collections. Descriptive Catalogue (National Mueum, New Delhi, 1964) - the catalogue of an exhibition. For the Shahnamas, see Chander Shekhar, "Some rare and valuable mss. of Shahnama in the National Museum, New Delhi", in Ferdowsi and his Shahnameh, Proceedings of the All India Seminar, 9-11 November 2001 (Mumbai, 2003), pp. 126-50.

There is currently (2020) still no published or printed catalogue of the manuscript collection. Mr Khatibur Rahman is working on producing a handlist.

Project Notes
Afsaneh to add data for the Museum from her visit (contact details, full address, etc.), also photo if there is one. Manuscripts kept in one section, loose folios in another (Prints & drawings?). AF saw only the loose folios, and acquired photos: these all seem to be from one ms., and there is another group of four Indian paintings (without text), the connection of which to the Shahnama is unclear.

Some of the accession numbers are not certain: need to be checked.

It seems that the pictures on display in the Indian paintings section were actually taken from the manuscripts held separately (info. as at 20.2.2020).

Need also wording for copyright statement.

Images of one MS 48.6-3 provided by Vivek Gupta; check any from Rajeshwari etc.?

ms. Ms. 58.1
99 images
ms. Ms 54.60
89 images
ms. Ms. 711
8 images
ms. Ms. 48.6/3
21 images
ms. Ms. 61.390
20 images
ms. Ms. 48.8/2
1 images
ms. 57.27/17(a)-(n)
9 images
ms. Ms. 62.709
8 images
ms. Ms. 57.27/13
1 images
ms. Ms. 60.852
1 images
ms. Ms. 54.20
68 images
ms. 58.58/35
1 images
ms. Ms. 53.2/8
159 images
ms. Ms. 64.137
0 images
ms. Ms. 76.596
33 images
ms. Ms. 88.871
41 images